It is one of the most important human resources services offered by EVO. At EVO we recognize our client's manpower needs and fulfill them by recruiting the best fit candidates for the required positions through Mass recruitment, White and Blue Collars recruitment.

Why EVO?

  • A solid database of candidates across all segments top management, senior and junior level in all industries and all functions.
  • Aligning our advertising channels with your corporate branding level.
  • Accuracy of the selected candidate through having scrutinized eye to maintain culture fitness.


  • Recognizing client hiring needs.
  • Searching various sources and channels.
  • Competency based interviews and evaluation.
  • Delivery of request to the client & assuring high quality.
  • Hiring.

What guarantees your satisfaction?

A solid memorandum of understanding (MOU) which pinpoints service level and quality accuracy and high confidentiality.